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Wood Products & Furniture:
Switch to HVLP Spray Gun Equipment for Stains and Sealers

Company Woodleys Fine Furniture
15 South Bowen
Longmont, CO 80501
Person to Contact Don Brewer, Finishing Dept. Mgr.
Telephone: (303) 443-0716
Product or Service Bedroom furniture, entertainment centers
Number of Employees 120
Waste Stream Targeted Paint-related Waste
Original System Airless Spray Gun system. Airless spray technology uses high fluid pressure applied by hydraulic pumps to atomize the coating material, rather than using high pressure air or high volumes of air, as with conventional and HVLP systems. Airless spray application is fast and may be ideal for large surfaces or heavy viscous coatings, but this system generally does not produce a high-quality appearance which is very important in the wood products/furniture industries. Transfer efficiency is 50-60%.
New System
(with P2 Modifications)
High-Volume Low-Pressure (HVLP) Spray Gun system. HVLP spray guns operate with a high volume of air delivered at 10 psi or less to atomize the coating. Atomization of the coating at low air pressures allows increased transfer efficiency (65-80%), reduced over-spray, and therefore, reduced VOC emissions. High production rates may not be possible with the HVLP system. However, HVLP is well-suited to small to medium-sized shops such as Woodley's, where high quality is more important than high production.
Cost Savings
Initial Equipment Costs HVLP system (gun, cup, hose) cost $180.00 (inexpensive model). The system uses an existing air compressor.
Operating Cost Savings Similar to conventional systems but, the HVLP system reduced paint booth cleanup costs (strip, repaint, water wash filter system dump) by ~$4,000/year (cleaning reduced from once/month to once/quarter due to reduced overspray).
Material Cost Savings 2,240 gallons of stain/year was used in the conventional airless system @ $26,000/year. With use of the HVLP system, 1,105 gallons of stain is used @ $12,000/year. This is a cost savings of $14,000/year for stain. Use of the HVLP system also saved (6) 55-gallon drums of sealer/year @ $450.00/drum or $2,700/year.
Total Cost Savings Total cost savings of ~$20,700/year.
Payback Period Payback is less than 1 month.
Major Benefits Total cost savings of ~$20,700/year.
Positive business image.
Improved coating quality.
Reduced VOC and HAP emissions due to less overspray (not quantified).
Improved worker health and safety (reduced worker exposure to blowback).
Obstacles Little employee adjustment/training is required on the HVLP system. However, high production rates may not be possible with HVLP systems.
Not all finishes work well with the HVLP system (topcoat lacquer requires a 3-4 ml finish which does not work well in the HVLP equipment).
Time Since Implementation 1 year. (3/5/96)
Source/Supplier Paint & Lacquer Company
3701 S. Santa Fe Drive
Englewood, CO 80110
Telephone: (303) 761-0743
Main Reason Implemented Reduce material costs and over-spray.
Key to Success in Making this P2 Modification Experience with different spray equipment, coatings.

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