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Wood Products & Furniture:
Water-Based Cleaner for Paint Equipment

Company Mastercraft
3550 Odessa Way
Aurora, CO 80011
Person to Contact Ron Schoenberg, Plant Manager
Telephone: (303) 375-8220 Ext. 145
Product or Service Commercial Wood Products, Cabinetry
Number of Employees ~100
Waste Stream Targeted Lacquer Thinners, VOC Emissions
Original System Solvent-based Lacquer Thinners are used to clean paint equipment (after use of solvent-based paints) such as spray guns, nozzles, etc. Typical lacquer thinners are organic solvents which contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) such as toluene, xylene, and methyl ethyl ketone. Spent lacquer thinner is disposed as hazardous waste.
New System
(with P2 Modifications)
A water-based cleaner is used to clean similar paint equipment. Aqueous cleaners are mixtures of water, detergents, and other additives that promote the removal of organic and inorganic contaminants from the paint conveyor and other equipment in the paint line. This product does not contain VOCs. The wastewater is treated and discharged to the POTW.
Cost Savings
Initial Equipment Costs None.
Material Cost Savings There is a slight increase in material costs associated with this substitution. 1,250 gallons/month of lacquer thinner were used @ $200/55-gallon drum or $4,500/year. 625 gallons/month of the water-based cleaner is used @ $500/55-gallon drum or $5,700/year. (Increase of $1200/yr)
Waste Disposal Costs Significant reduction in hazardous waste generation and disposal costs (not quantified).
Major Benefits Reduced VOC emissions by ~40 tons/year.
Reduced hazardous waste generation, disposal costs and associated liabilities.
Improved worker health and safety and reduced liabilities.
Positive Business Image.
Obstacles Lacquer thinner is still being used for cleaning paint gun nozzles.
Time Since Implementation 2 years. (1/15/96)
Source/Supplier Contact Ron Schoenberg.
Main Reason Implemented Reduce VOC emissions.
Improve worker health and safety.
Key to Success in Making this P2 Modification Vendor recommendation.

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