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The work shall consist of the mobilization and demobilization of the Contractor's forces and equipment necessary for performing the work required under the contract.

This work shall not include mobilization and demobilization for specific items of work for which payment is provided elsewhere in the contract.

Mobilization will not be considered as work in fulfilling the contract requirements for commencement of work.


Mobilization shall include all activities and associated costs for transportation of Contractor's personnel, equipment, and operating supplies to the site; establishment of offices, buildings, and other necessary general facilities for the Contractor's operations at the site; premiums paid for performance and payment bonds, including coinsurance and reinsurance agreements as applicable; and other items specified in Section 4 of this specification.

Demobilization shall include all activities and costs for transportation of personnel, equipment, and supplies not required or included in the contract from the site; including the disassembly, removal and site clean up, of offices, buildings and other facilities assembled on the site specifically for this contract.

This work includes mobilization and demobilization required by the contract at the time of award. If additional mobilization and demobilization activities and costs are required during the performance of the contract as a result of changed, deleted, or added items of work for which the Contractor is entitled to an adjustment in contract price, compensation for such costs will be included in the price adjustment for the item or items of work changed or added.


Payment will be made as the work proceeds, after presentation of paid invoices and/or documentation of direct costs by the Contractor showing specific mobilization and demobilization costs and supporting evidence of the charges of suppliers, subcontractors, and others. When the total of such payments is less than the lump sum contract price, the balance remaining will be included in the final contract payment. Payment of the lump sum contract price for mobilization and demobilization will constitute full compensation for completion of the work.

Payment will not be made under this item for the purchase costs of materials having a residual value, the purchase costs of materials to be incorporated in the project, or the purchase costs of operating supplies.