U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
National Vehicle and Fuel Emissions Laboratory

Emissions and Gas Savings from a Sample Carpool Program

Pollutant                  Amount          VMT         Pollution or
  Problem                                 Change       Fuel Consumption

Hydrocarbons            3.5 grams/mile    10,000        77 lbs of HC
  Urban ozone (smog)
  and Air Toxics

Carbon Monoxide         25 grams/mile     10,000        550 lbs of CO
  Poisonous gas

Nitrogen Oxides         1.5 grams/mile    10,000        33 lbs of NOx
  Urban ozone (smog)
  and Acid Rain

Carbon Dioxide          1.0 pound/mile    10,000        9,900 lbs of CO2
  Global warming

Gasoline                0.05 gallon/mile  10,000        500 gallons gasoline
  Imported oil


February, 1995

For More Information:

The Office of Mobile Sources is the national center for research and policy on air pollution from highway and off-highway motor vehicles and equipment. You can write to us at the EPA National Vehicle and Fuel Emissions Laboratory, 2565 Plymouth Road, Ann Arbor, MI 48105. Our phone number is (734) 214-4333.

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