Poultry Water Quality Consortium

Poultry Water Quality Handbook

PhotoThe poultry industry and several government agencies have joined together in the Poultry Water Quality Consortium to promote better environmental management by the rapidly growing poultry industry.

The consortium is encouraging the use of poultry byproducts as a resource rather than letting them become a pollution source. As the industry grows, protecting natural resources is a major priority, demanding new technologies in poultry byproduct development, storage, utilization, and land application.

The consortium is responding to this environmental challenge by seeking to promote cooperation and the exchange of information between the poultry industry and government agencies on water quality and byproduct utilization issues. Focusing on pollution prevention, the consortium will facilitate the development and transfer of new technologies designed to protect water quality and foster a clean environment.

Recognizing that environmental concerns have become both economic and social issues throughout the world, the consortium will assure information exchange between the federal and state governments and throughout the poultry industry. Ultimately, the consortium will benefit from this extensive educational program.

LogoThrough an Interagency/Industry Agreement signed in 1991 and renewed in 1996, members of the Poultry Water Quality Consortium are:

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