Yorktowne Inc.

Yorktowne Inc., an Elkay Company, is a kitchen cabinet manufacturer employing 875 people with corporate headquarters and one facility located in Red Lion, York County, other manufacturing plants in Mifflinburg and distribution and warehouse facilities in Emigsville and Philadelphia.

In late 1996, the company conducted trial runs of high volume low pressure (HVLP) spray guns to determine if finishing material and air emissions could be reduced. The new guns balanced high fluid high pressure and lowered air pressure to breakup material with less overspray. The resulting reduction in overspray means that more material is being sprayed and less finishing material is wasted. Paint filters don't clog up as fast, and there is less build-up on finish line components, requiring less cleaning solvent and time.

The success of the trials led the company to change all spray guns. As a result, the company produced 9,411 more cabinets, but used 7,809 gallons less finishing material over the previous year. For an initial investment of $28,035 for the 52 new HVLP spray guns, the company was able to save $113,700. Yorktowne expects on-going savings from its investment. These will total $490,500 by the year 2000, not including additional intangible benefits in the form of reduced costs for labor and residual waste. Working conditions have improved because of cleaner work areas.

Yorktowne is now working with several Pennsylvania Environmental Assistance Network organizations - The Pennsylvania Technical Assistance Program, MANTEC and The Southwestern Pennsylvania Industrial Resource Center - to identify further cost-cutting pollution prevention initiatives including a low pressure steam dry kiln and energy saving opportunities.


Yorktowne Inc.
PO Box 231
100 Redco Ave.
Red Lion, PA 17356
York County

Charles W. Taylor
717-244-5497 (fax)

Organization Type:
Large Business

Waste Reductions:
64,938 lbs annual
   air emissions

Financial Benefits:
$113,700 savings on
  a $28,035 investment
   = 3-month payback

Other Benefits:
Healthier, more comfortable
work environment

"In today's world improving efficiency means reducing waste…good for the bottom line and the environment."
-Charles W. Taylor