logo Large Shipyards in Washington: P2 & BMP Opportunities
A Northwest Industry Roundtable Report

Last Updated: 6 November 1997

Cover Title:  Pollution Prevention at Shipyards


Table of Contents

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Reasons for the Roundtable
Washington Shipyard Industry
Environmental Issues
Summary of Pollution Prevention Opportunities
Roundtable Agenda
AKART study
Media Testing
Total Cost Assessment
Alternatives to Abrasive Dry Grit Blasting
Ultra High-Pressure Water Blasting With Hand Held Units
High-Pressure Water Blasting with Robotically Driven Unit
Wetted Grit Blasting
Best Management Practices
BMP Opportunities
Barriers to Implementation

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Appendix A: Shipyard Roundtable Attendees

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Appendix B: Environmental Regulations Affecting Shipyards

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Appendix C: Shipyard Best Management Practices

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Appendix D: Contacts and Information Resources

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Appendix E: Glossary

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