1994 Pollution Prevention Report - Information Clearinghouse

Introduction to Prevention, Information Clearinghouse, Information Transfer, University Outreach, and Technical Assistance

II. Pollution Prevention Information Clearinghouse

The Office maintains an extensive library of pollution prevention materials. The pollution prevention information clearinghouse contains more than 3,000 books, articles, papers, and videos that cover all aspects of pollution prevention. OPP staff members regularly request copies of reports publicly available from the federal government as well as those developed by other organizations, including other state pollution prevention programs. This exchange of information eliminates unnecessary duplication of effort; many publicly available materials from other government sources are reviewed and tailored to meet the needs of Virginia. In addition, OPP makes its materials available for use by other organizations. An index of these resources is held in a database file, which contains basic information on title, source, and subject as well as notes and keyword fields that allow staff to carry out complex and comprehensive searches for industry, government agencies and the public.

OPP is in the process of securing contractor services to put the information clearinghouse index "on-line" so that the library will be accessible for searching and requesting by other Department staff and the general public. Similar in concept to the service available through the federal Pollution Prevention Information Clearinghouse, but differing in its ability to respond to the needs of Virginia, on-line search and request capacity will enhance greatly both the utilization and usefulness of the information clearinghouse. This capability will make the index available to interested individuals across the state and will enhance further OPP's ability to respond to the expanding number of clients who desire access to Departmental resources via modem. The project is expected to be completed by the fall of 1995.

A recent decision by EPA Region III to provide additional technical assistance to its states will enhance OPP's informational resource base. In late 1994, EPA Region III contracted with EPA Region IV's Waste Reduction Resource Center, located in Raleigh, North Carolina; the Center, which has offered pollution prevention services to the states in Region IV since 1989, has expanded its coverage to include Region III states. The Center will become an additional information resource for OPP staff. Services offered by the Center include an information clearinghouse, vendor files and training support.

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