Use Bathless Washing

[6] According to [31], there are washers for prints which combine successive spray and vacuum slots without a bath or trough for the fabric to pass through. Since the fabric is never in contact with a liquid bath, bleeding, marking off, and staining of grounds is minimized, and water usage is reduced. Another bathless wash, described in this publication, is a vertical counterflow washer in which the recirculated water is sprayed on the fabric and squeezed through the fabric by rollers into a sump, where it is filtered and recirculated. The filter is unique, consisting of continuous loops of polyester fabric. The wash liquor is sprayed on the fabric and is filtered by gravity flow. The filter fabric rotates continuously and is cleaned of filtrate at one end by a hand spray of clean water. This allows for maximum removal of suspended solids from water prior to discharge and high-efficiency washing with low water usage. Energy use is reduced greatly, since less water must be heated.