Energy Conservation

The following table presents a list of energy conservation measures extracted from reference [15].

ACTION Typical Saving (MJ/t cloth)
Water Using Processes
Avoid under loading proportional to loading
Reuse of hot water 1900
Use counterflow 1370
Limit idling losses 950
Reduce rinsing water 1370
Reduce water temperature 950
Recover heat where possible 35% of total
Drying and Heating Processes
Maximize mechanical drying 211
Avoid over-drying 475
Minimize setting and dye-fixation times 211
Reduce exhaust air to practical minimum. Monitor humidity of drying processes 25% of total
Examine thermal efficiency of forced convection systems Small
Reduce idling losses, e.g., by switching off exhaust air 475
Recover heat from exhaust air 25% of total