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ASU Professor Working On
Noise-Absorbing Spray

Dr. Han Zhu updated participants at the First International Asphalt Rubber Symposium on the status of a new rubberized coating material that can be sprayed on sound barrier walls to help eliminate noise from busy city roads and highways.

Currently, Dr. Zhu is testing mixtures using #4 mesh and larger crumb rubber particles and a bonding material to determine the optimum formulation for the spray applied material. The key characteristics he seeks are resistance to oxidation, ease in application, durability, sound absorption, and cost effectiveness. ASU's Material's Lab is testing the rubberized spray for to determine the materials resistance to ultraviolet, infrared and thermal radiation sources.

Dr. Zhu is also working on spray equipment that will keep the rubber mixed or in suspension during application and be able to apply large quantities in a short time. 
For more information contact Dr. Zhu (602) 965-2745. 

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