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Waste Tires 

In New York State, an estimated 15-20 million waste tires are generated each year. Additionally, there are between 19 and 38 million waste tires stockpiled across the State. The over abundance of these stockpiled tires can cause major problems associated with their storage and disposal. The most significant environmental problems from tire stockpiles come from fires. 
It is clear from the potential environmental consequences caused by ever growing stockpiles of waste tires, and the increased incidence of fires at waste tire stockpile sites, that these stockpiles must be cleaned up. 
A comprehensive, integrated waste tire management strategy is under development and will provide for the management of all waste tires generated annually. The strategy will contain a proposal to enhance and develop environmentally compatible and economically-sustainable markets for waste tires, and will eliminate present and future waste tire stockpiles, as well as illegal disposal. This program may entail waste tire-related legislation and appropriation of funds. 
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