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Final Version of Waste Tire Recycling is completed.


Waste Tire Recycling is updated.


Waste Tire Recycling is updated. Later half of the report will be updated soon.
Waste Tire Recycling section and Database section have been completed.
Temporary page has been removed. Some dead links have been refined.
Year 2000 bug in JavaScript is finally corrected.


Temporary page for the course project
Nothing new right now.
This web site has been uploaded for testing purpose.
Therefore the materials included in this site are not completed yet.  Especially in the waste tire recycling site, there are no guarantees on the data, documents and links in the site right now.  Also noted that the site is originally designed for my research purpose not for commercial  or public use.  So the readers should understand these situation, even if they found some inequalities or clear mistakes in the contents or in my research interest.  Off course the improperness will be corrected as soon as I recognize.
If you have any questions or comments, please let me know.
This site will be completed by the second week of November.
Thank you.