Appendix D

Renewable Electric Plant Information System (REPIS) Data Base

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), under contract with the Energy Information Administration (EIA), has updated the Renewable Electric Project Information System (REPiS), a cost and performance database of existing renewable electric generating facilities, originally developed in 1987. The REPIS database represents an attempt to characterize and document the current status of renewable electric project development in the United States, using publicly available data.

Table D1. Installed Operating Capacity, by Technology, as of December 31, 1994

Table D2. Installed Operating Capacity, by FERC Region, by Technology, as of Decembr 31, 1994

Table D3. Installed Operating Capacity by Owner Company Type, by Technology, as of December 31, 1994

Table D4. Planned Capacity by Technologies and by Fuel/Resource Types Which Have a High Probability of Success, as of June 1995

Table D5. Additions to Operating Renewable Capacity, by Technology, 1980-1994

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