1. See Appendix A for a detailed description of EIA's renewable energy data sources.

2. For electric utilities, net summer capability is used. For nonutilities, nameplate capacity is used. See Energy Information Administration, Renewable Resources in the U.S. Electricity Supply, DOE/EIA-0561 (Washington, DC, February 1993), p. 4.

3. Based on a previous estimate of 375 billion kilowatthours of nonutility generation (from Form EIA-867) and 2,911 billion kilowatthours of utility generation (from Table 11 of the Electric Power Annual, Volume I).

4. See Appendix B for additional information on electricity production from renewables.

5. Energy Information Administration, Annual Energy Review 1994, DOE/EIA-0384(94) (Washington, DC, July 1995).