10. Wind

D. Generating Power Potential and Land Available for Wind Development

The availability of wind resources for development in close proximity to transmission lines is plentiful. There is a total potential power output of 734,073 megawatts from wind available for development in the contiguous United States(7) on the 625,488 square kilometers of land in the contiguous United States having class 3 or greater wind resources and within 10 miles of transmission lines.

In the North Central region, 318,813 megawatts of potential wind power output is available, assuming class 3 and above wind development, the highest for any region in the United States (Table 31). Kansas and Texas, followed by North Dakota, have the greatest potential power output for wind generating capability. The North Central region also has the most land (264,968 square kilometers) available for potential wind development within 10 miles of transmission lines. Texas, Kansas (South Central region), and Nebraska (North Central region) are the States with the greatest amount of land available within 10 miles of transmission lines for potential wind development.

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