Table 1.  U.S. Energy Consumption by Energy Source, 1990

Energy Source 1990
Fossil Fuels Coal 19.101 Coking Coal (Net Imports) 0.005 Natural Gas[a] 19.296 Petroleum[b] 33.553 Total Fossil Fuels 71.955 Nuclear Electric Power 6.161 Hydroelectric Pumped Storage[c]-0.036 Renewable Energy Conventional Hydroelectric Power[d] 3.113 Geothermal Energy 0.327 Biomass[e] 2.632 Solar Energy[f] 0.067 Wind Energy 0.024 Total Renewable Energy 6.163 Total Energy Consumption 84.243 See the next edition for updates
[a] Includes supplemental gaseous fuels. [b] Petroleum products supplied, including natural gas plant liquids and crude oil burned as fuel. [c] Represents total pumped-storage facility production minus energy used for pumping. [d] Includes estimates of net imports of electricity known to be from renewable resources (geothermal and hydroelectric). [e] Includes wood, wood waste, peat, wood sludge, municipal solid waste, agricultural waste, straw, tires, landfill gases, fish oils, and/or other waste. [f] Includes solar thermal and photovoltaic. Notes: Annual totals reflect revised renewable energy estimates, and some data differ from data published in EIA's Annual Energy Review 1994 (DOE/EIA-0384(94) (Washington, DC, July 1995). See data characteristics and caveats section for a detailed explanation. Totals may not equal sum of components due to independent rounding. Sources: Energy Information Administration, Form EIA-759, "Monthly Power Plant Report"; Solar Collector Manufacturing Activity 1993, DOE/EIA-0174(93) (Washington, DC, August 1994), Appendix F; and estimates from the Office of Coal, Nuclear, Electric and Alternate Fuels. Natural Resources Canada, Electric Power in Canada 1993, National Energy Board of Canada, Electricity Exports and Imports (Ottawa, Canada, 1994). Fossil Energy, Form FE-781R, "Annual Report of International Electricity Export/Import Data." Renewable Energy Annual 1995