Table 2.  Renewable Energy Consumption by Sector and Energy Source, 1990

Sector and Source 1990
Residential and Commercial Biomass 0.581 Solar Energy 0.060 Total 0.641 Industrial and Nonutility(a) Biomass 1.948 Geothermal Energy 0.146 Conventional Hydroelectric Power(b) 0.082 Solar Energy 0.007 Wind Energy 0.024 Total 2.206 Transportation Biomass(c) 0.082 Electric Utility Biomass 0.021 Geothermal Energy 0.181 Conventional Hydroelectric Power(b) 2.929 Solar and Wind Energy * Net Renewable Energy Imports(d) 0.102 Total 3.234 Total Renewable Energy Consumption 6.163 See the next edition for updates
(a) Includes generation of electricity by cogenerators, independent power producers, and small power producers. Renewable consumption at other industrial sites not connected to the grid is also included. (b) Hydroelectricity generated by pumped storage is not included in renewable energy. (c) Ethanol blended into gasoline. (d) Includes estimates of net imports of electricity known to be from renewable resources (geothermal and hydroelectric). *Less than 0.5 trillion Btu. Note: Totals may not equal sum of components due to independent rounding. Sources: Energy Information Administration, Form EIA-759, "Monthly Power Plant Report" and Form EIA-867, "Annual Nonutility Power Producers Report"; Solar Collector Manufacturing Activity 1993, DOE/EIA-0174(93) (Washington, DC, August 1994), Appendix F; and estimates from the Office of Coal, Nuclear, Electric and Alternate Fuels. Natural Resources Canada, Electric Power in Canada 1993, National Energy Board of Canada, Electricity Exports and Imports (Ottawa, Canada, 1994). Fossil Energy, Form FE-781R, "Annual Report of International Electricity Export/Import Data."