Table 4.  Electricity Generation From Renewable Energy by Energy Source, 1990   (Thousand Kilowatthours)

Source 1990
Nonutility Sector (Gross Generation)[a] Biomass 43,297,000 Geothermal Energy 6,916,000 Hydroelectric Power 7,960,000 Solar/Photovoltaic Energy 663,000 Wind Energy 2,295,000 Total 61,131,000 Electric Utility Sector (Net Generation)[b] Biomass 2,067,270 Geothermal Energy 8,581,228 Conventional Hydroelectric Power 283,433,659 Solar/Photovoltaic Energy 2,448 Wind Energy 398 Total 294,085,003 Imports and Exports Geothermal Energy (Imports) 538,313 Conventional Hydroelectric Energy (Imports)16,302,116 Conventional Hydroelectric Energy (Exports) 7,543,487 Total Net Imports 9,296,942 Total Renewable Electricity Consumption 364,512,945 See the next edition for updates
[a]Includes generation of electricity by cogenerators, independent power producers, and small power producers. Nonutility generation is rounded to the nearest thousand kilowatthours due to changed sample size. 1990 and 1991 were estimated based on data collected from Form EIA-867, "Annual Nonutility Power Producer Report." [b]Excludes imports. Note: Totals may not equal sum of components due to independent rounding. Sources: Energy Information Administration, Form EIA-759, "Monthly Power Plant Report" and Form EIA-867, "Annual Nonutility Power Producer Report." Natural Resources Canada, Electric Power in Canada 1993, National Energy Board of Canada, Electricity Exports and Imports (Ottawa, Canada, 1994). Fossil Energy, Form FE-781R, "Annual Report of International Electricity Export/Import Data."