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Background Information and 1990 Baseline Data
Initially Published in the
Renewable Energy Annual 1995

Revised, updated and extended with the Renewable Energy Annual 1996

Energy Information Administration
Office of Coal, Nuclear, Electric and Alternate Fuels
U.S. Department of Energy
Washington, DC 20585

This report was prepared by the Energy Information Administration, the independent statistical and analytical agency within the Department of Energy. The information contained herein should not be construed as advocating or reflecting any policy position of the Department of Energy or of any other organization.


This report was prepared by the staff of the Renewable Energy Branch, Coal and Electric Data and Renewables Analysis Division, Office of Coal, Nuclear, Electric and Alternate Fuels. General information regarding this publication may be obtained from Fred Mayes, Chief, Renewable Energy Branch (202/426-1166). Questions about the preparation and content of the report should be directed to Mark Gielecki, project coordinator (202/426-1141). General questions about the data section should be directed to Jorge Luna-Camara (202/426-1170); questions regarding solar and photovoltaic data should be directed to Peter Holihan (202/426-1147). Specific questions regarding individual chapters in the status and analysis section should be directed as follows: wood and biomass-derived liquid fuels, Robert Lowe (202/426-1171); municipal solid waste, John Carlin (202/426-1146); geothermal, Mark Gielecki (202/426-1141) ; wind, Mark Gielecki (202/426-1141); solar and photovoltaic, Mark Gielecki (202/426-1141); international renewable energy, Mark Gielecki (202/426-1141); feature articles, John Carlin.


Chapter 1. Renewable Data Overview

Chapter 2. Biomass

Chapter 3. Geothermal

Chapter 4. Wind

Chapter 5. Solar and Photovoltaic

Chapter 6. Biomass: Wood

Chapter 7. Biomass: Municipal Solid Waste

Chapter 8. Biomass-Derived Liquid Fuels

Chapter 9. Geothermal

Chapter 10. Wind

Chapter 11. Solar and Photovoltaic

Chapter 12. International Renewable Energy





File last modified: June 19, 1997; Information which was deleted has been revised with updated information in the Renewable Energy Annual 1996


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