Composting in the Southeast – Proceedings of the 1998 Conference



September 9-11, Athens, Georgia


Edited by

K.C. Das

The University of Georgia



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Table of Contents


Planning and Operating Composting Programs


Covering Composting Windrows: Effects on the Process and the Compost

Pare, M. and et al


Composting Through Consortiums

Alexander, R. and C. Carpenter


Local Government Composting


Operational Challenges Associated with a Composting Facility at the Highest Elevation in the East

Heaton, R. M. and F. M. Pittman


Clean Organic Waste Compost Production and Evaluation in South Florida

Bryan, H. H. and et al


A Preliminary Report on a Georgia City’s Innovative Composting Project Cooperation Between the City of Douglas and the University of Georgia, College of Agriculture

Lewis, D. and et al


Optimizing Compost Processing


Strategy for Compost Market Development in Florida

Shiralipour, A. and W. H. Smith


Quantifying Loses of Plant Nutrients and Elements During Windrow Composting of Various Feedstocks

Schellinger, D. A. and G. Breitenbeck




Animal Waste Composting


Hall County Waxed Corrugated Cardboard Composting Pilot Project

Foote, R. and K. C. Das


Development of Swine Wastewater Dewatering/Composting Facility and End Product Use

Shelton, J. E. and et al


Poultry Litter Compost Production, A Means of Distributing Excess Nutrients

Brodie, H. L. and et al


Testing an In-House Layer Manure Composting System Under Field Conditions

Thompson, S. A.


Research and Development


Evaluation of Techniques for Measuring Air Filled Porosity in Composts of Municipal Biosolids and Wood Chips

Annan, J. S. and R. K. White


Biofilter Testing Using Composting for Styrene and Methyl Ethyl Ketone Emissions

Porter, R. S.


The Effect of Synthetic Bulking Agents on Pressure Drop Through Food Waste Compost

McGuckin, R. L.


Biodegradability and Nutrient Analysis During Crawfish Processing By-Products and Rice Hull Composting

Minkara, M. Y.


Paper Mill Sludge and MSW Composting


The Beneficial Use of Composted Paper Mill Sludge and Animal Waste for an Industrial Landfill Closure

Garrett, G. D. and et al


Composting Pulp and Paper Industry Solid Wastes: Process Design and Product Evaluation

Das, K. C. and et al


Sumter County Solutions: Innovative, Integrated MSW Composting and Recycling

Breeden, G. and M. Kessler


Composting Technologies


Characterization of Landfilled Municipal Solid Waste Following In-Situ Aerobic Bioreduction

Smith, M. C. and et al



In-Situ Municipal Solid Waste Composting Using an Aerobic Landfill System

Hudgins, M. and J. March


Compost Facility Odor Control Using Biofiltration: Comparison of Approach and Performance at an Open Facility and a Totally Enclosed Facility

Boyette, R. A.


Monitoring Water Quality at a Food Waste Composting Site

Cabrera, M. L.


Yard Waste Composting


A Case Study of the Greenville County Mulching Program

Papin, M.


Georgia State-Wide Home Composting Project

McLaurin, W.


Encouraging Home Composting the Hands-On Way: Lessons from Charlotte-Mecklenburg

Boekelheide, D. H. and B. F. Barger


Charlotte-Mecklenburg’s Hands-On Composting Workshops and Home Composting Method: A Technical Description

Boekelheide, D. H.


Compost Utilization


Composted Municipal Wastes Increase Growth, Yield, and Disease Tolerance of Citrus

Graham, J. H.


Composted Municipal Solid Waste Application Impacts on Cotton Yield and Soil Properties

Khalilian, A. and et al


Blends of Composted Biosolids and Bottom Ash as Potting Media to Grow Ornamentals

Dudka, S. and et al



Compost Application to Ryegrass

Stratton, M. L. and J. Rechcigl


Technical Poster Sessions


Development and Preliminary Validation of a Compost Process Simulation Model

Tollner, E. W. and et al


Utilization of Composts as Bedding Plant Growth Substrates

Bouwkamp, J. C. and X. Li


Mushroom Compost Remediates Zinc Toxicity in Cotton

Shuman, L. M.


A Backyard, Forced Aeration, Digester Composting System Consisting of the CompostAir and the CompostScreen

Smith, F. T.


Effects of Stocking Density and Feeding Rate on Vermicomposting of Biosolids

Ndegwa, P. M.


Index of Contributing Authors