Land-of-Sky Regional Council
    Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Resolution

    EFFECTIVE DATE: __July 1, 2001___


WHEREAS, the natural resources of the Region belong to all the people of the Region; and

WHEREAS, the development of the Regionís economy and the quality of life, health, and safety 
of its citizens are dependent on the careful stewardship of natural resources and protection of the 
environment; and

WHEREAS, the daily activities and routine operations of the Land-of-Sky Regional Council 
have an impact on the quality of the Regionís environment and the sustainability of its natural 
resources; and

WHEREAS, the Land-of-Sky Regional Council is a highly visible model for the Regionís 
citizens, local governments, businesses, and industries; and

WHEREAS, the Land-of-Sky Regional Council can demonstrate leadership by incorporating 
environmentally sustainable practices into its operations that preserve natural resources, conserve 
energy, eliminate waste and emissions, and lessen overall environmental impact; and

WHEREAS, on July 21, 1999, Governor James B. Hunt, Jr. provided leadership and signed an 

WHEREAS, the State of North Carolina has adopted a hierarchy of waste management methods 
in descending order of preference as follows:

  1. Waste Reduction at the Source;

  2. Recycling and Reuse;

  3. Composting;

  4. Incineration with Energy Recovery;

  5. Incineration without Energy Recovery;

  6. Disposal in Landfills; and

WHEREAS, markets for recyclable materials can be viable only if products made from 
recycled materials are being purchased; and

WHEREAS, the procurement of environmentally sound goods and services by the Land-of-Sky 
Regional Council can serve to protect health and safety, reduce energy consumption, conserve 
natural resources, prevent pollution, and promote markets for recyclable materials;

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of Directors of the Land-of-Sky 
Regional Council, in celebration of Earth Day, 2001; that this policy is adopted to encourage 
and increase the use of environmentally preferable products and services at the 
Land-of-Sky Regional Council and Region B as a whole
. By including environmental 
considerations in purchasing decisions, Land-Of-Sky Regional Council can promote practices that 
improve public and worker health, conserve natural resources, and reward environmentally 
conscious manufacturers, while remaining fiscally responsible.


    For the purpose of this resolution, the following definitions shall apply:

    "Environmentally preferable products and services" as defined by Presidential Executive Order 
    13101, means products and services that have a lesser or reduced effect on human health and the 
    environment when compared to competing products and services that accomplish the same 
    function. This applies to raw material acquisition, as well as product manufacturing, distribution, 
    use, maintenance, and disposal.

    "Post-consumer recycled material" refers to material that has served its intended use and has been 
    discarded for disposal or recovery, having completed its life as a consumer item, and is used as a 
    raw material for new products.

    "Practicable" means satisfactory and within reason when considering price, performance, availability, 
    compatibility with specified operation, and public health and safety.

    "Price-preference" means a percentage of increase in price that Land-of-Sky Regional Council will 
    pay to obtain a designated product or service.

    "Processed-chlorine free paper" refers to paper that is manufactured using a percentage of post-
    consumer recycled paper fiber (that may contain residues of chlorine) and is whitened without adding 
    chlorine or chlorine derivatives.

    "Rainforest hardwood/tropical wood" means wood that originates from trees grown in a rainforest.

    "Recyclable" refers to a material or product that can be reprocessed, remanufactured, or reused.


    Nationally, combined local and state governments purchase more than $1 trillion of goods and 
    services each year. Many of these products contribute to problems in the environment, including 
    contamination of the air and water, depletion of environmental resources, and damage to ecosystem 
    health. In some instances, products require special waste disposal and reporting procedures which 
    can be cumbersome and expensive.

    Land-of-Sky Regional Council has an opportunity to serve as a community model for environmental 
    leadership by incorporating a plan of action that will conserve resources such as water, raw materials, 
    and energy. The plan also can reduce the use of hazardous substances and potentially improve the 
    environmental quality of the region. By incorporating environmental considerations in public purchasing, 
    Land-of-Sky Regional Council can reduce its burden on the local, regional, and global environment. It 
    also can remove unnecessary hazards from its operations, protect public health, reduce costs and 
    liabilities, and help develop markets for environmentally responsible products.


    5.1 The Land-of-Sky Regional Councilís purchasing agent and/or their assigns will:
    (1) Educate and inform staff about the environmental purchasing policies and program;
    (2) Coordinate outreach/training for staff;
    (3) Strive to identify opportunities for environmental purchasing initiatives;
    (4) Periodically discuss with individual departments and employees opportunities to increase 
    environmental purchasing;
    (5) Provide technical/logistical assistance to help departments and employees incorporate 
    environmentally preferable products into their operations and projects;
    (6) Provide a forum for open discussion by affected personnel;
    (7) Provide general support to maintain the environmental purchasing program;
    (8) When appropriate, report to executive committee and/or local government leadership.

    5.2 All departments and employees are encouraged to advance environmental purchasing for their 
    specific operations and projects by initiating environmentally preferable purchasing practices.

    5.3 Land-of-Sky Regional Council shall require their contractors and consultants to use 
    environmentally preferable products where practicable no later than July 1, 2001.


    6.1 Purchasing personnel shall routinely and periodically research practicable opportunities to:
    (1) Expand the purchase of environmentally preferable products;
    (2) Identify environmentally preferable alternatives;
    (3) Recommend goals to practice alternative processes within operations that will promote resource 
    conservation and will reduce the use/disposal of hazardous substances;
    (4) Collect and maintain up-to-date information regarding manufacturers, vendors, and other sources 
    for locating/ordering environmentally preferable products;
    (5) Maintain information on actual savings/costs due to environmentally preferable purchases;
    (6) Provide applicable information to other staff and to Land-of-Sky Regional Councilís Member 
    Governments, as appropriate.

    6.2 An ad hoc group of staff familiar with the councilís FY 2001 "Buy Recycled" Grant will meet on 
    an Ad hoc basis to assist purchasing with the above tasks in sections 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, and 6.1 and to:
    (1) Ensure that contracting procedures do not discriminate against reusable, recycled, or 
    environmentally preferable products without justification;
    (2) Evaluate environmentally preferable products to determine the extent to which they may be used 
    by the Council, its member governments, and its contractors and service providers;
    (3) Review and revise contracting procedures to maximize the specification of designated 
    environmentally preferable products where practicable;
    (4) Facilitate data collection on purchases of designated environmentally preferable products by the 
    Council, it service providers, and its contractors.


    By July 1, 2002, to the extent practicable, Land-of-Sky Regional Council will incorporate purchasing 
    specifications that, at a minimum, follow U.S. EPA Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines for 
    products containing recycled content. Recovered Materials Advisory Notices (RMAN) or similar 
    information should be used as a reference for determining the recycled content specification for these 

    Additionally, ATTACHMENT A lists itemized specifications that have been researched, tested, 
    and/or duly considered by the Task Force and /or their assign(s) and shall be followed to the extent 
    practicable beginning on July 1, 2001.


    Nothing contained in this policy shall be construed as requiring a department or contractor to procure 
    products that do not perform adequately for their intended use, that exclude adequate competition, or 
    that are not available at a reasonable price in a reasonable period of time.



Adopted this the ________ day of________2001.  
                                                      Fred Niehoff, Jr., Chairman
                                           Attest: ____________________________
                                                      Robert E. Shepherd, Executive Director

Land-of-Sky Regional Council
Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Resolution


This Attachment is subject to revision and serves as a guide to the completed discovery process regarding 
both general and specific products. It lists itemized specifications that have been researched, tested, and/or 
duly considered by the Task Force and /or their assign(s) and shall be followed to the extent practicable 
beginning on July 1, 2001:

  • When competitively available, all printing, fax, copy, bond, post-it, flip chart, craft mailing envelopes, 
    and other paper products shall consist of the maximum obtainable post-consumer recycled 
    that does not exceed a 5% increase in unit cost over its virgin content equivalent. At a 
    minimum, this shall consist of 30% post-consumer recycled fiber. This shall include outside contracted 
    print jobs;

  • A 5% price-preference for processed chlorine-free paper shall be given to all paper that is used for 
    internal office purposes and applicable external uses;

  • Where an increase of price greater than 5% exists for an environmentally preferable product, the 
    intended consumer or user of the product, purchasing personnel, and other interested parties shall 
    review the budget impact and give due consideration to the purchase of the product.

  • Where practicable, preference will be given to "Green Disks" (reformatted 1.44 MB. floppy discs 
    made from recycled computer software discs) or their equivalent;

  • Where practicable, LOSRC shall begin returning used toner cartridges for remanufacture and 
    purchase re-manufactured toner cartridges;

  • LOSRC shall not procure products that originate from rainforest hardwood or tropical wood;

  • Where practicable, purchased or leased electronic equipment including photocopiers, computers, 
    printers, lighting systems, and other appropriate energy consumption systems must meet U.S. EPA 
    or U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) energy efficiency standards. Where applicable, the energy 
    efficiency function must remain enabled on all energy-efficient equipment.

For more information on this program, contact Land-of-Sky Regional Council in Asheville at (828) 251-6622 
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