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Acetone is a highly volatile organic solvent used mainly as a hand-wipe solvent in cleaning applications. It is also a good drying agent for wet parts.

Acetone effectively removes some greases, oils, waxes, and inks. It is commonly used to remove uncured fiberglass resins, varnish, and lacquer and may be useful for applications that require a highly volatile cleaner.

Acetone is extremely flammable, with a flash point of 1F (-17C). Acetone has a vapor pressure of 176 mm Hg at 68F (245 mbar at 20C).

Acetone may be applied by hand wipe or immersion in an unheated tank. It should not be sprayed or heated without extensive safety precautions,including explosion-proof wiring and an inert atmosphere blanket.

Acetone should not be poured down the water drain. It must be shipped to an approved incinerator for burning.

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