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Low Pressure Sprays (Rotary Spray Washers)


  • Costs vary widely with the type of equipment purchased. Spray systems for solvents are usually more expensive than systems for water. Systems for spraying flammable solvents are usually the most expensive because of the safety features required.

  • In general, costs will increase with increasing filtration and pump requirements.

  • Recirculation and waste treatment equipment may require the greatest equipment expenditure.

This page estimates costs for site preparation starting from an existing building. SAGE is not designed to make estimates for site preparation from bare ground.

If you answered the process questions in the SAGE expert system, suggested values will be shown in the boxes on this page. You may change these values if you wish. If you came directly to this page without going through the expert system, the boxes will be blank and you can provide your own values.

The following diagram displays how the final cost was calculated. Again, if we have omitted some costs that should be included in the model, please identify those elements to us so that we can include them. Some of these costs may be zero, depending on how the potential user answers the questions in the boxes on this page.

The costs provided by this site are intended to be first level approximations. The goal is to provide estimates that are within 20% of actual values encountered by the user. Other factors outside of the scope of this application will affect the final costs.

Cost Model

1. Approximate volume of wash load.

The cost of the spray depends on the total volume of the spray chamber. Estimate the desired dimensions of a batch of parts in feet.
Length, feet
Width, feet
Heigh, feet
2. Water or Solvent Supply.

Water will be necessary for aqueous cleaning. Solvents will be necessary for solvent cleaning.

  Include Include water or solvent supply lines in the calcuation.

Enter the distance between the spray washer and the nearest source of water or solvent in feet.
3. Tank Pad
  Include Tank Pad in calculation
  Please enter the tank pad surface area requirements in ft2. 

4. Electrical Conduit

Electrical conduit installation will be necessary if electric service is not already available at the desired spray washer location.
  Include Electrical Conduit
  Please enter the distance between the power source and the spray washer location in feet. 

Please enter your sales tax as a whole number:  %
* i.e. A sales tax of 5% should be entered as 5, not .05 or 1.05

 Include design and engineering costs
 Include shipping and handling

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Estimated Cost (in US $):

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