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Allied Signal Aerospace Canada

New Technologies or 'Clean' Technologies / Transportation


AlliedSignal Aerospace Canada designs and manufactures aircraft safety systems that detect and remove ice and snow accumulation on aircraft wings and other aerodynamic surfaces.



AlliedSignal’s de-icing products reduce both hazards due to ice and snow on aircraft, and the release of glycol-based de-icing and anti-icing fluids to the environment. Excessive glycol fluids use is due to the difficulty in determining whether there is ice and snow on the flight surfaces and whether de-icing and anti-icing fluids have started to deteriorate. AlliedSignal addresses these problems with two products: C/FIMSTM and ETIPS®. These products were developed with a $4.4 million investment from Technology Partners Canada, the investment arm of Industry Canada.

C/FIMSTM or Contaminant/Fluid Integrity Measurement SystemTM is a system comprised of sensors mounted on the leading edge of wings and rudders. Using proprietary technology developed in conjunction with Instrumar of St. John's, Nfld., C/FIMSTM determines the amount and condition of substances which may be present on a wing surface; ice, snow, frost, de-icing and anti-icing fluid. C/FIMSTM indicates to the pilot whether there is ice or snow on the wing surface. It also indicates whether the de-icing and/or anti-icing fluid is still effective or whether it must be re-applied because it has dripped off or become too saturated with water.

ETIPS® or Electro-Thermal Ice Protection System® deals with ice that forms after a plane lands when water vapour in the air condenses on the wing surface. With time, a thin, but dangerous layer of ice forms. Again, to eliminate the hazard, the ice must be removed with de-icing and anti-icing fluids. ETIPS® prevents the formation of ice on the wing. A typical ETIPS® system is comprised of a cockpit display, two power control boxes, and two electro-thermal blankets, one bonded to each wing. ETIPS® begins to operate as soon as the aircraft lands. Power is applied and the heater blanket temperature rises to several degrees above freezing, melting the ice.





C/FIMSTM reduces the amount of glycol based de-icing and anti-icing fluid released into the environment. ETIPS® eliminates the need for de-icing and anti-icing fluids.



Reduced costs related to application and/or reapplication of de-/anti-icing fluids and reduced fuel cost due to shorter aircraft waiting time on the tarmac.


Contact Information

Carl Weisser ,
AlliedSignal Aerospace Canada
3333 Unity Drive
Mississauga, Ontario
L5L 3S6
Phone : (905) 607-0300
Fax : (905) 608-6001
E-mail : carl.weisser@alliedsignal.com


Date Submited

March 1999


Date Updated

February 2003


Note: The purpose of this sheet is to give recognition to this specific activity in pollution prevention. Environment Canada does not per se endorse the company.

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