Waste Treatment Technology in JAPAN
Drying, Incineration and Melting



TAKUMA is a fully integrated supplier of municipal waste incineration plants and associated equipment with a world-wide reputation for quality and dependability. More than 56,000 tons per day of incineration capacity has been installed in over 320 plants in Japan by TAKUMA since 1963.
TAKUMA started over 58 years ago as a boiler manufacturer, has pioneered the only major Japanese resource recovery system.
In the environmental sciences, TAKUMA continues to cooperate with agencies of the Japanese government in developing more sophisticated methods for monitoring and system for control of plant emissions.
TAKUMA is committed to maintaining the highest levels of technology and manufacturing excellence. A complete technical assistance package has been prepared for plant start-up and testing as well as operator training.

In addition to burning refuse completely, TAKUMA refuse incineration plants f are designed to minimize waste water, flue gas, noise and effectively utilize waste heat from incineration. In other words, these incineration plants are pollution-free and recycle resources as well.

[System flow]

Fig.l shows the flowchart of TAKUMA fluidized bed incinerator system.

Fig.l TAKUMA fluidized bed incinerator system

TAKUMA fluidized bed incinerator


This incinerator is capable of extensively incinerating any kind of waste. Waste is thoroughly and evenly burnt into fine ash. Thanks to good thermal accumulation and quick startup, operation during daytime alone yields sufficient quantity of disposal.

[Sphere of application]

TAKUMA fluidized bed incinerator can be applied to any municipal solid waste.

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