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Agua Dulce Beach: reports on little influx of public despite the fact that the quotas were exhausted | VIDEO

Lima, January 7, 2022Updated on 07/01/2022 12:50 pm

Starting today, Friday, January 7, the Municipality of Chorrillos applies capacity control on Agua Dulce beach to avoid crowds and more contagions of COVID-19. Since the morning the visit of citizens who previously separated their entry to the spa through a website of the commune is reported.

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However, in a tour carried out by Canal N, it was reported little presence of people around noon. The aforementioned media recalled that until yesterday the 200 grids (800 people in total) had been separated. However, so far only a small group was appreciated that could expand with the passing of the hours.


C08-Fresh water
They report little occupancy of boxes at the beginning of the capacity control after separating admission

As it is public, until Thursday, January 6, it was announced that until January 14 the quotas to go to the beach were separated and that in the next few days details would be provided on the qualification of new days for more registrations.

Inspection Personnel of the Municipality of Chorrillos and police officers from the district police station check whether visitors to Sweet water comply with the protocols established in sanitary standard 130 MINSA that regulates the use of beaches during the pandemic due to COVID-19.

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In pictures it was shown that two bottles of alcohol were seized as part of the restrictions on the non-consumption of alcoholic beverages and food.

However, it is reported that the majority of bathers do not use the mask, but they do comply with social distancing.

How to separate space for Fresh Water?

“As of Friday, January 7, only bathers who have registered their visit on our website will be able to enter. https://playaprogramada.munichorrillos.gob.pe/registrar.aspx”Reported the commune.

It was known that this pilot plan will allow a maximum of 4 people to be registered per box installed in the spa. For registration it is necessary to place the name of the holder and his 3 companions.

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The following must also be recorded: surname, DNI number, date of birth, address, telephone number and email. The owner will receive a notification and QR code to his email, to certify his registration to the beach.

This record must be printed or digitally presented to present it at the entrance to the beach with your ID and vaccination card against the COVID 19.

According to the criteria of

Trust Project

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