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Ancelotti on Ceballos’s rudeness: “This generation has less respect for authority”

The coach of the Real Madrid, Carlo Ancelotti, ruled out this Friday that there was some kind of problem with a player in whom he has “a lot of confidence” like Dani Ceballos after his anger before going to Alcoyano, although he did acknowledge that, beyond sports, today’s generations seem to have “less respect for authority.”

The television images captured a great anger from the midfielder with the coach before taking to the field for the last minutes of the Copa del Rey duel, in what was his first game since he was injured at the Tokyo Olympics. However, the Italian downplayed the matter.

What happened is what happens to a player who wants to play and come back. I wanted to give him minutes, but as I explained, it was not the most suitable game for him after the injury and in a field where he could have problems”, Ancelotti remarked at a press conference prior to this Saturday’s match against Valencia.

Later, when he decided to put him in when “there were five minutes left“, The Utreran had to wait”plus“And you saw that I know”anger”. “I told him that he could be right and that maybe he had waited too long, but then everything is fine, he knows that I have a lot of confidence in him”, He stressed.

Before being asked about this issue, Reggiolo’s was questioned about his relationship as a footballer with his coaches. “I think this is not a sports issue, it is social, generations have changed. The respect that I had for my father is not the same as that that my son has for me because the world has changed, but it is not more complicated, it is more different. It is a generation that has less respect for authority”, He sentenced.

From the player’s environment, according to ‘Cadena COPE’, they point out that the relationship of Ceballos with coach Carlo Ancelotti it is perfect and there are no problems between the two. Reaction of Dani ceballos It is due to his five-month absence off the pitch and he was eager to play.

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