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Armed with axes: Rayo and Dinamo ultras met to face each other in Seville

Various ultra groups of Dynamo Zagreb Croatian and Vallecano Ray They have met in Seville in the last month to turn the Seville capital into the scene of their maddened rivalries and into a battlefield in which to resolve their antagonisms, which has been avoided in both cases by the National Police.

The last time that Seville has been in the spotlight of ultra groups has been the Copa del Rey match between Betis and Rayo Vallecano on March 3, an alibi like any other to look for fights with the crazy excuse of political rivalry.

There were 140 members of the ‘Bukaneros’, rayistas ultras, who were looking for a fight with the Betis radicals ‘Real Betis Supporters Gol Sur’ and ‘United Family’, although being old acquaintances of the Police they were detected, neutralized by police forces at their arrival in Seville and, heavily guarded at the Benito Villamarín, taken back to the buses in which they were traveling to the capital of Spain.

This cup match was declared high risk due to the possibility of violent clashes between the Verdiblanco ultras and the Vallecanos, who stood out for their opposition to the arrival in Vallecas of the Ukrainian Betis player Román Zozulya by unfoundedly attributing neo-Nazi sympathies to him.

Before the game of Vallecano Raywith the police unit centered on the Heliópolis neighborhood, on February 17 there was a similar deployment at another end of the city of Seville, in Nervión, to prevent the Croatian ultras from Dinamo Zagreb They turned the Europa League match against Sevilla into an excuse to display their more than accredited resume of violence.

The National Police detected the massive presence in Seville of Croatian followers, associated with extremely violent neo-Zani and ultra-nationalist groups and grouped under the name of ‘Bad Blue Boys’, bad boys as they do not hesitate to call themselves who, dressed in blue, grope the football as an excuse to vent their urges.

These Croatian ultras, according to the National Police, have come to confront others armed with axes, as happened in the brutal fight prior to the Europa League match between Dinamo Zagreb and Saburtalo from Tbilisi, held in the Georgian capital on the 23rd. July 2019.

According to the police statement, Sevilla’s ultra ‘Biris Norte’ fans are characterized by ideological rivalry with Croatian radicals, with whom they have already had some serious violent confrontation, which caused the match to be declared very high risk.

The Provincial Information Brigade of Seville was aware of the movement to Seville of more than 400 Croats, including uncontrolled radical groups, some of whom were found on flights arriving in Malaga and Seville.

Faced with the more than certain possibility that on the day of the match and the night before, both ultra groups could come to face each other in the streets of Seville, a security device was arranged, which made it possible to detect and deactivate a confrontation agreed upon the night before the match in the Avenida de la Innovación in Seville, a pitched battle frustrated by police action.

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