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Around 600 inmates from different prisons in Lima will be vaccinated daily against COVID-19 and influenza

Lima, February 8, 2022Updated on 02/08/2022 03:25 pm

Starting today, Tuesday, February 8, he will be vaccinated against the coronavirus (COVID-19) and influenza to around 600 inmates of various women’s prisons in the capital daily, reported the Social Health Security (Essalud).

According to the entity, today the application of the reinforcement dose began in the prison Santa Monica of Chorrillos, as well as inoculation against the influenza virus. This is thanks to the coordination between the Ministry of Justice, the INPE headquarters and the central operations management of Essalud.

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“We are applying the third dose against COVID-19 to prison inmates, but also the first and second dose to those who did not have it”, explained Jean Medina La Madrid, coordinator of the Miller vaccination center.

“Likewise, by indication of the Ministry of Health, we are simultaneously giving the influenza vaccine to avoid and reduce any respiratory infection”, he added.

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Medina also detailed that each brigade is made up of four nurses, two typists, a doctor and two counselors who expect to inoculate between 400 and 600 inmates per day. It was learned that the vaccination will continue tomorrow in the Chorrillos Women’s Annex and will end on Thursday in the Virgen de Fátima Prison in the same district.

“This is one of the strategies that we have been applying from EsSalud to be able to immunize this group of women who are deprived of their liberty but who have the right to be protected like everyone else in our country,” pointed out.

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