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Asensio ‘challenges’ Real Madrid: “Winning a trophy with the national team would not change it for anything”

Marco Asensio showed his enthusiasm the day he returns to the Spanish team, after becoming champion of the Champions League with real Madrid and celebrate it to the fullest because he assures that “you never know” if it will be “the last”, and with the challenge of settling in Luis Enrique Martínez’s team to earn a place in the next World Cup.

As everything happens so fast, sometimes you have to stop to reflect on what I’m achieving professionally. It is tremendous to have three Champions. When I arrived in Madrid I never would have imagined it, it is something very special that is experienced in a very different way, especially in the club where I am”, he valued.

One more Champions that I have enjoyed a lot and I don’t want to stay here. I want more. I try to enjoy each title to the fullest because you never know when it’s the last one and I value it and approach it that way.”, he added in a talk on the way to the concentration of the selection that the Federation spread.

Asensio He hasn’t played with ‘La Roja’ since November 2020. He returns wanting to show Luis Enrique that he deserves his trust. “There are many players of great talent and quality. He speaks well of the competition that there is, it is very good to try to make things difficult for Luis Enrique so that each call is so disputeda”.

“VI am going to work to the fullest, I am very excited to return to the national team, it is very special for me to play with my country. I hope to give my best to win the four games, which are official and important. They will help us to prepare very well for the World Cup. They are strong rivals”, he assured.

After his good season with the real Madridin which he has won the League, the Champions League and the Spanish Super Cup, Asensio is “one hundred percent” and “with maximum enthusiasm to contribute to the selection”, with the challenge of “be able to return the next call”.

I would love to be able to win a trophy with the national team. I have been able to experience it in lower categories and it is something that I would not change for the world”, he sentenced.

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