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Ate: they scam a young folklore singer with the story of ‘the waterfall’ | VIDEO

Lima, February 10, 2022Updated on 02/10/2022 07:53 am

A teenager who is a folklore singer was a victim of crime through the ‘waterfall’ modality, on Metropolitan Avenue in Ate Vitarte. The aggrieved suffered the theft of her cell phone and her wardrobe valued at almost S / 2,000 that would be premiered at an upcoming concert.

As is public, this type of robbery consists of a criminal supposedly accidentally dropping a bundle of bills and continuing on his way in a hurry while an accomplice who pretends to be a pedestrian is always behind the victim.

The news program América Noticias indicated that the young singer was made to believe that a person found money and would later share it with her. “Suddenly a lady walks in front of me and pretends to pick up a large amount of money. She then tells me to distribute it because I had seen it ”counted.

Scam young singer
Scam young singer https://www.americatv.com.pe/

A video recorded with security cameras shows when a man enters the scene and approaches them claiming the money found. “The lady says: ‘no, we haven’t found anything. She is my family, she is my cousin.’ And the man says: ‘if you are family, exchange things’”added the victim.

At that time, the singer fell into the trap. She handed over her suitcase containing her expensive clothing and her cell phone, and received a wallet in return. “I see why it weighed me down on one side, and it was a stone wrapped in rags and old clothes. I feel very bad. I can not sleep”he added.

For her part, her mother recounted the effort she made with her daughter to be able to raise the money to make the wardrobe. “I just want my daughter’s wardrobe. That’s the only thing I want you to support me with. We would get together from sun to sun to buy that wardrobe, ”she said.


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