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Ate: young man fell from the fifth floor of a house after meeting with his friends | VIDEO

Lima, February 8, 2022Updated on 02/08/2022 03:11 pm

A 17-year-old fell from the fifth floor of a house and could be disabled for the rest of his life. His family points to his two friends as those responsible since the incident occurred when they were drinking on the roof of the building located near La Merced park, in the district of tiethe last Saturday.

On Saturday my nephew went out to a meeting where he met these so-called friends. They have brought him to this house where this Elmer López lives with this Pedro Luis Rivadeneira. They’ve been up on the roof. There have been some small discussions, we don’t know what, from what the tenants have heard and from there my nephew has fallen on top of a carthe victim’s aunt explained to Canal N.

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I suspect Pedro Luis and Elmer López, they are not. They are not there. They throw the ball”, he added.

Young man fell from the fifth floor of a house after meeting with two friends in Ate: “He will be disabled for life” | VIDEO

Another relative of the young man pointed out that serenazgo personnel, in their attempt to help the teenager, took him to the hospital in an emergency. However, he rejected said action since it was necessary for them to wait for an ambulance and trained medical personnel to attend to this type of emergency.

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On the other hand, the family asks for justice for the 17-year-old, who had a dream of being a professional footballer.

“We want justice so that these two young people declare and the whole truth comes to light. He is going to be disabled for life, he wanted to be a footballer. He is no longer going to be able to walk”, commented.

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