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“Batman”: Film with Robert Pattinson as the protagonist, begins its pre-sale in Lima on February 17

Updated on 02/09/2022 05:32 pm

This February 17 begins in our country the pre-sale for the premiere of “Batman”, the tape in which Robert Pattinson puts on the suit of the dark knight and embarks on this dark history of Gotham City.

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The official premiere of the new Warner Bros. Pictures film is scheduled for Thursday, March 3. In addition, some preview functions will be held on Wednesday, March 2 to the excitement of all fans.

In this new version of “Batman”, which was under the direction of Matt Reeves, Bruce Wayne (Robert Pattinson) reaches deep into the shadows of Gotham City, becoming the true symbol of revenge.

They accompany the British actor in this great responsibility two important characters and of his total confidence: Andy Serkis as his stalwart Alfred Pennyworth and Jeffrey Wright as Lieutenant James Gordon.

The protagonist of the “Twilight” saga is ready to give life to one of the most important and favorite characters in the DC universe and he has shown it with the obsession he developed for almost a year towards the character and towards this dark story, as he commented in an interview with the Total Film media.

“I was looking for very different things. Obviously this is a gem among all the roles you can actually get as an actor. I never thought I’d be close to doing it, especially given the situation I was in.” Pattinson explained about Batman.

“I continued to control the selection process obsessively for just under a year. Even my agents were surprised that I was interested in this role.”, He added about the film whose cast is completed by Zöe Kravitz, Paul Dano and Colin Farrell.

Film critic Jordan Farley highlights Robert Pattinson’s spectacular performance as the great return of the “Dark Knight”a triumph in the cinema and one of the best superhero movies that has been released.


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