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Best Free Fire Tips to Rank Up in February 2022

free fire features Battle Royale and Ranked modes, which allow users to reach a specific level of competition and earn prizes based on the results achieved during the season.

A considerable part of the players of free fire focuses on increasing ranks, something that is not so easy when the rivals are more veteran. Therefore, players, especially newbies, need a specific game plan to rank up and need to focus on different aspects of playstyle.

FREE FIRE | How to Rank Up in Ranked Mode

Players must take on a specific role when they have a team. The role should complement the players’ style of play for better coordination. A player with an attacking skill set may choose the aggressor role, while a player with an excellent defensive game should opt for the medic.

Another important detail is the landing, which must be quick and safe. Players have a better chance of surviving the first phase of a match if they pick the right spot. Teams can make any player using the “Falco” pet to gain a greater advantage.

Users should also avoid unnecessary aggression during the initial phase of the game. They can focus on collecting enough supplies. Once the players have looted enough, the strategy can shift from defense to attack.

The ability cannot be left out of the formula. Players must equip the best characters and practice a lot to maximize their ranks. Combinations can also be used to gain more benefit from available skills.

Finally, players must learn the Gloo 360° Walls trick. There are tutorials available on YouTube for you to do this defensive tactic. It’s best to practice in training mode before jumping into battle.

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