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Bloodborne 2 on Unreal Engine 5 is what many gamers ask for

Bloodborne it was one of the games absent from video game conferences in the middle years. Franchise fans are calling for a remake of the first console game to be released PS5 or maybe a second part.

Unfortunately, the developer company FromSoftware has not revealed its plans for the future of the saga. There are no official images or any leaked teaser about the development.

Despite this, a user on YouTube has shared the definitive version of Bloodborne 2. It is the recreation of the game’s scenarios but in the Unreal Engine 5 graphics engine.

What is most striking is undoubtedly the lighting of the stages, which combines very well with the characteristic fog of the game. Unfortunately, we do not see the appearance of the main character.

The artist has not recreated the combat animations, nor the NPCs, nor the creatures that appear in the scenarios. He clarifies, in turn, that not everything that is seen was designed by him, but that he used other elements for the assembly of this trailer.

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