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Callao: 12 homes affected, 67 victims and 18 homeless families left a fire in the Gambetta Alta area | VIDEO

Lima, December 29, 2021Updated on 12/29/2021 11:03 am

A total of 12 homes affected, 67 victims and 18 homeless families left the fire which was recorded last Tuesday afternoon in the Gambetta Alta area, in the Callao, just days away from ringing in the New Year. More than 10 fire brigade units attended the emergency that was reported after 4 pm

According to TV Perú Noticias, the Provincial Municipality of Callao placed 18 tents distributed in the José Olaya park and in a sports field so that the victims have a place to spend the night. Likewise, the transfer of health personnel has been arranged to attend to any medical emergency in the area.

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Fire in Gambeta leaves several families affected

“Immediate actions have been taken after the occurrence the fire where there has been material damage, but happily not personal. (Among) the actions that have already been taken yesterday is that 65 blankets and tents have been delivered. The debris clearance procedure is in progress. The feeding of the victims has already been coordinated ”, detailed Carlos Zuniga, general manager of neighborhood participation of the municipality of Callao.

For her part, the president of the Neighborhood Board, Norma Ríos, He invoked the citizens and the municipality to bring help for the victims. He indicated that many have been left with nothing as a result of the fire and that unscrupulous people even stole valuables while the aggrieved tried to save their belongings.

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“We are asking you to help us. The families have practically remained on the streets. There are children who need diapers, clothes. We want help for those creatures that need please “, he pointed.

At the moment, it is unknown what caused the fire in the Gambetta Alta passage. Meanwhile, the commune has promised to support the aggrieved for fifteen days, according to the morning.

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