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Callao: at least six homes affected by fire on Contralmirante Mora Avenue | VIDEO


Lima, December 13, 2021Updated on 12/13/2021 08:09 am

A fire is registered this Monday morning in several homes located on Contralmirante Mora Avenue, in Callao. At least seven fire units are trying to douse the flames.

In the images released by Good Morning Peru, it is observed that even residents of the area try to support the men in red to put out the fire that continues to advance and so far has already spread to six homes.


Callao: firefighters attend to a fire in at least six homes on Av. Contralmirante Mora

At the moment the causes of the fire that has been consuming the wooden houses is unknown. The owners of the houses try to get all their valuables out before the fire destroys everything.

According to the morning, more tanks are necessary to control the flames that continue to advance despite the work of the Firefighters.

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