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Carabayllo: kidnapped Asian businessman escaped after jumping from the third floor to an adjoining house

Lima, February 8, 2022Updated on 02/08/2022 10:34 am

A businessman of Chinese origin managed to escape from a house located in the human settlement Los Cedros, in Carabayllowhere their kidnappers They had confined him after kidnapping him from his Miraflores apartment three days ago and stealing more than 290 thousand soles.

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America news indicated that the foreigner, who is dedicated to the export of gold, was framed and tied at the feet, and under surveillance on the third floor of a building. However, he took advantage of an oversight by his captors and jumped to the second floor of an adjoining house.

After jumping into the house, the man began to run and ask for help on the streetHowever, the kidnappers noticed and tried to force him into a vehicle, but he resisted. The neighbors realized what was happening and surrounded the subjects, who chose to withdraw.


Chinese businessman is rescued from kidnappers

The foreigner was helped by the residents. A few moments later, the night watchmen and the police arrived to transfer the man to the Santa Isabel police station and, later, to the headquarters of the Kidnapping Division of the PNP.

The newscast indicated that, according to police investigations, an employee of the businessman would be involved in the kidnapping. The house in which the foreigner was locked up was rented by a person named Jesus Quispicondor Villanueva.

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