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Carlos Gallardo: the 4 points that he tried to answer to the press hours before the Plenary defines his censorship

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At a press conference this afternoon, the Minister of Education, Carlos Gallardo, ruled on several points, among them, the debate and the vote on the motion of no confidence against him which will be held tomorrow in the plenary session of the Congress. Likewise, he responded to several questions to his management.

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Next, know the three main points on which the minister pronounced Gallant within hours of the plenary session defining its censorship:

1. Motion of censure

It is worth noting that the plenary session of Congress will debate this Tuesday the motion of censure against the minister, promoted by the Popular Renovation bench, with the support of legislators from Avanza País, Alianza para el Progreso, Fuerza Popular and Podemos Peru. A simple majority (66 votes) is required for the official to leave office. The session has been called for 11 am

Gallant is questioned not only because of the leakage of the teaching tests, but also because of its proximity to Fenate Peru, a teachers’ union founded by the now president Pedro Castillo and which has among its members and leaders ex-adherents to Movadef, the political arm of the terrorist group Sendero Bright.

The Minister of Education criticized this action of Parliament and pointed out that attending Congress for interpellations and censures “distracts” both him and the members of his administration.

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These interpellations distract us, these censures distract us because we have to invest time and energy in preparing the answers, even when we don’t need to, because I believe that the truth is going to impose itself sooner or later, suddenly sooner rather than later ”, he asserted.

While, Gallant rejected the option to resign as head of the Ministry of Education (Minedu) after the questions for being allegedly involved in the leak of the last exam of the single test of teaching appointment.

I don’t have to quit, I don’t see a reason for it, I don’t think it’s fair to assume a guilt that I don’t have. And I believe that Congress will take the option tomorrow and, whatever it is, we have to respect it.”, He indicated.

2. Unique test filtration

On December 15, it was learned that a protected witness revealed to the Public Ministry that Ynés Gallardo, daughter of the Minister of Education, was the one who would have leaked the evidence to the parliamentarian Lucinda Vásquez (Peru Libre), who in turn would have sold the document S / 3,000 to teachers who were part of the process.

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For Gallant, the statement of the protected witness does not have the necessary relevance to seek his departure from the Minedu. “This (statement) does not have the force. The charge of the sale of the proof is so very serious that it has to be supported by some reliable proof. But a saying is not enough to establish (guilt) without an investigation process, (since) the whole process is broken“Said the minister.

3. Sunedu

The Minister of Education expressed that his position has been distorted regarding the role of the National Superintendency of Higher University Education (Sunedu) in university education. He said that like any other organization it has to improve in its functions.

Sunedu He stated that he was going to punish education entrepreneurs, and that students from undergraduate universities were not going to be affected at all; however, there are a number of complaints and reports. Like any organization, it has to rethink, redefine itself, improve itself. Saying this does not mean going back in history and being in favor of the ANR (National Assembly of Rectors) “, He said.

In addition, he added that his management aims to guarantee the quality of higher education, as well as the validity of Sunedu, although he specified that the superintendency must address the complaints and reports it has received from various universities.

4. Return to face-to-face classes

Gallardo remarked that his administration has planned to start face-to-face classes in March 2022 and that for that he has been analyzing and finalizing details. Regarding the state of the infrastructures of the different schools in the country, he said that although the objective is that they all be made of noble material, the current emergency situation makes it difficult for this to materialize in the short term.

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It would be demagogic to say that in March we will have all the schools with the best infrastructure. There are some that do not have water, drainage, electricity and can even be seriously affected by a 5-degree earthquake. That is a huge concern. However, we are in an emergency situation and we must use our traditional materials, such as adobe, quincha, palm, wood.”, He explained.

He added that Minedu has classified the schools classified in A, B, C and D, according to their level of urgency of intervention. “We are going to prioritize financial resources to schools C and D, as they are in a more dramatic situation. Before, a standardized sum was allocated for all schools. There are schools that have a satisfactory infrastructure, but there are others that are almost in ruins.”, He highlighted.


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