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Cercado de Lima: 12 motorcycle drivers with adulterated license plates and requisitioned for theft fall in operation | PHOTOS


In the midst of the state of emergency to reduce the incidence of crime, the National Police and the Municipality of Lima carried out an operation on Friday, February 25, to linear motorcycles individuals and those that are used to carry out the delivery service in the Cercado de Lima, and 12 drivers with adulterated license plates were intervened and reported requisitions for theft.

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The motorcycle driver control diligence was carried out in an hour at Jr. Camaná, with the support of agents from the PNP’s Vehicle Theft Investigation Division (Dirove) and a team of urban mobility inspectors from the PNP. metropolitan commune.

“I know intervened 200 motorcycle drivers, of which 12 were taken to the Dirove for identification, because the units have adulterated plates, engine number that is not legible and/or re-engraved, and present indictment for theft”, points out the release.

200 motorcycle drivers were intervened, of which 12 were taken to Dirove. (Photo: Municipality of Lima)

During this inspection it was also verified that the drivers of linear motorcycles They will have a property card, a driver’s license and the Mandatory Traffic Accident Insurance (SOAT).

The municipality of Lima indicated that these actions will be carried out continuously at various points in the fence, in order to ensure the safety of citizens.

The operation on linear motorcycle drivers was carried out in the Camaná jirón. (Photo: Municipality of Lima)

The metropolitan commune recalled that it has a virtual platform for the verification and authenticity of class B driver’s licenses, motorcycles and mototaxis, on the portal of the Urban Mobility Management.

To access the new consultation system, citizens must enter https://aplicativos.munlima.gob.pe/extranet/lcvm/ and fill in the information requested.

MML and PNP carried out a control operation on motorcycle drivers in the Cercado de Lima. (Photo: Municipality of Lima)

Proposals to ban two passengers on a motorcycle

The Council of Ministers approved a rule that prohibits the transit of two people on board a linear motorcycle, due to the increase in assaults with these smaller vehicles.

Linear motorcycle transport of one person has been approved, two prohibited on one motorcycle”, said the Minister of the Interior Alfonso Chavarry after the Council of Ministers on February 16 last.

He did not specify then, if the measure would be given through a bill that would be sent to Congress or via supreme decree. In the following days, and before the first critics, Chávarry commented that the rule was going to have to be regulated.

Added to this initiative is that of the mayor of La Molina, Álvaro Paz de la Barra, who also announced a proposal to temporarily restrict the possibility of foreign citizens working in motorcycle taxis, taxis and delivery services. This, again, due to the increase in robberies and assaults in these vehicles.

According to the criteria of

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Wilson Hernández, assistant researcher at Grade, pointed out that the regulations that are intended to be approved in our country on the number of passengers on linear motorcycles have already been applied in other countries such as Colombia. However, studies reveal that crime decreased in some places, but then moved to other cities. (Source: LatinaTV)




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