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Cercado de Lima: victims of sexual exploitation were rescued in hostels in shreds Zepita and Chancay

Lima, February 9, 2022Updated on 02/09/2022 05:04 pm

In a joint operation, the Municipality of Lima (MML) and the National Police of Peru (PNP) intervened five hostels of the Fence of Lima and detected cases of human trafficking in the form of sexual exploitation.

It’s a statementthe MML pointed out that more than 100 members of the operational staff of the Lima commune, including inspectors, night watchmen, Health and Disaster Risk Management personnel, accompanied by police officers, entered premises located in the Larraburre, Chancay and Zepita shreds, which worked in terrible sanitary conditions. 15 people were intervened, some of foreign nationality.

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The municipal team verified that in three of the intervened premises there were broken mattresses, as well as very dirty sheets and pillows. Municipal agents seized these products because they put the health of users at risk.

In addition, the Audit team of the MML initiated a sanctioning process against the establishments, imposed a fine of 50% of an UIT (tax tax unit), equivalent to S / 2,300, and ordered the closure for 15 days.

The Municipality of Lima He placed concrete walls in two hostels, since they continued to function despite having been closed and a fine of 2 UIT was imposed on them, that is, S/9,200.

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