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Cevallos on alleged mafias that Condori denounces in the Minsa: “He doesn’t specify, he puts everyone in a bag”

After the Minister of Health, Hernan Condoridenounced that within the sector there would be alleged mafias that would involve the previous governments, the former head of the sector Hernando Cevallos questioned that it was not provided “specific details” about who would make up this alleged group linked to irregular acts within the portfolio.

Regarding the fact that the member of the ministerial cabinet listed a series of purchases made by the previous government during the pandemic of COVID-19 and that supposedly would have been overvalued, Cevallos clarified that the current minister Condori has not generated any acquisition for the sector. Later, he assured that during his administration, which lasted about six months in the midst of the pandemic due to the COVID-19 no purchases were made “cheaper”.

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“He makes comparisons with previous administrations with the administrations that are not his because he has been in office for three weeks, but he obviously refers to my administration where we have managed to buy, for example, alcohol, ICU beds, and other implements at much higher prices. cheap, that’s true, but you don’t need it. Not precise in such management it was achieved at this price, and in such management it was not. So, put everyone in a bag, and it is important to clarify that in our case, the purchases have been more economical and cheaper than previous efforts.indicated for successful.

Cevallos guaranteed that during his administration all acquisitions were coordinated with the Comptroller of the Republic, Therefore, he considered that this is the entity in charge of ruling on this complaint of alleged mafias within the Minsa, linked to overvalued purchases. However, he pointed out that it must be understood that the prices of products during a pandemic can change, in some cases decrease.

“I helped to get better prices, but it is also true that we are talking at different times. The price of a product in the middle of a pandemic does not always have the same value as when the pandemic goes down so in this issue I could come out favored because in my management things have been obtained cheaply, in fact it is what he [Hernán Condori] he said because he has no other reference because he has not bought anything”he referred.

The Minister of Health, Hernán Condori, has denounced alleged mafias in his institution, assuring that officials from previous governments would be involved for alleged overvaluations and attempted millionaire consultancies, however, he did not present any evidence in his speech. (Source: Latin TV)

“What Dr. Condori does is in relation to the management that I was in charge of these six months, but I repeat this does not mean that previous purchases are overvalued. This must be evaluated with a little more care so as not to damage honor, also rather I would not dare to say that. The comptroller would have to have an answer because it is the one that ultimately has to control and follow all these processes “he added.

Along these lines, the former Minister of Health said that on the issue of overvalued purchases, the Minister Hernan Condori “He has not acted accurately”. “I feel obliged to go out and clarify that. And the Comptroller would have to see the circumstances in which some purchases are generated. In fact, in my management it has happened with the participation of the control bodies”said.

Regarding the subject of consultanciesCevallos Flores explained that the holder of the Ministry of Health (Minsa) was referring to his management that he did not contract with consultants. The former minister reported that once he came to lead the sector, he ordered changes of directors in a program to implement integrated health networks that had a loan from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

“At that moment I am presented with the possibility of hiring consultants for hundreds of thousands, and Dr. Condri does refer there that they did not prosper and they did not prosper because I did not let them prosper. Because I did not accept any consultancy. In the Minsa specifications there is no contracted consultancy […] It is not that Dr. Condori’s management, no, he has not avoided anything, but rather that I avoided any type of consultancy “he indicated.

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“These consultancies were never contracted, but in previous years consultancies were handled that should not have been given. [Ministro Condori] He should have specified what happened two or three years ago but it involves all the former officials and former ministers and it does not seem correct to me. The fight against corruption has to be to resolve corruption, so names, circumstances and dates must be specified so that the thing is truly transparent”, narrowed down

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