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Children’s Hospital: Minister Condori delivers a card with his number to a father who demanded care for his son

The Minister of Health, Hernan Condori, attended this Wednesday the complaints of relatives of patients of the National Institute of Child Health in Breña. During the brief dialogue with the people close to the interned minors, the head of the sector gave his contact card with his telephone number to a parent, so that he can contact him to learn more about the clinical case of a small patient.

LOOK | An ambulance arrived at the Government Palace to transfer a 10-month-old baby with health problems | VIDEO

I have been a minister for a month and we have a health system abandoned 30 years ago to equip the different hospitals. We need modern MRIs and CT scans that are at the service of the population. I’m only in a month”, said the person in charge of the Ministry of Health (Minsa) from the emergency door of the health center.

At that time, a parent of a 9-year-old patient said that he has been coming to Lima from time to time since last year from Ayacucho to treat the minor, who suffers from kidney disease and so far has not can be operated.

My son suffers from kidneys, there is no equipment to operate on him. They take tests and until when are they going to have us with that, I come with my mototaxi from Ayacucho since July of last year. My son is 9 years old, he doesn’t do anything”, he told the Minister of Health.

In response, Condori told him: “Listen to me this is my last card. I’m going to give him my number, here’s the director [de hospital] will take care of the different cases. I give you because I’m going to leave here”, he referred.

Minister Hernán Condori delivers a card with his contact number to a father who requested care for his son at the Children’s Hospital

Then, the head of the Minsa attended and explained to another family member that cancer drugs are being purchased. “I understand your pain. What happens is that there are no inputs at the international level. It’s not that we don’t want to buy”, he remarked.

While avoiding responding to inquiries from the press, Condori chose to respond to a woman’s request for support, who is the mother of a patient suffering from atrophy and who cried for help. Therefore, she returned to the hospital with the mother of the family to attend to her case personally.

10-month-old baby with health problems transferred to Lima

This morning, a girl only 10 months old was taken in an ambulance from the Government Palace to the Children’s Hospital. Previously, her minor, along with her parents, had been transferred from Cañete to the Palace in a helicopter together with the President of the Republic, Pedro Castillo.

About, Hernan Condori reported that the baby is already being treated by specialized medical personnel, while her relatives will stay in the shelter where parents of other patients of the hospital are also housed. Breña Children’s Hospital.

Mala’s baby patient will be attended to. The family member will go to a shelter where she will have her food and will have communication and information about her child. They will be informing her what she needs. What I want is for attention, appointments and operations to be accelerated”, he mentioned.

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