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Chosica: house collapses during construction of retaining wall in huaicos area

A two-story house collapsed during construction and reinforcement of retaining walls in the San Antonio de Pedregal area, in Chosica, before the next arrival of rains and huaicos.

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TV Peru explained that the building collapsed when the workers of the Municipality of Chosica They used heavy machinery to reinforce the structures in the area where the huaicos run.

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In addition, it indicated that the inhabitants of the house had already been notified of the work and the order to abandon the property due to the risk of collapse because it was uninhabitable.

For its part, Municipality of Chosica He indicated, on social networks, that the house was part of a group of 7 properties that were at risk of collapse.

The retaining wall works that have been carried out for two months served to reinforce this curve of the ravine that descends from San Antonio, and about seven houses are on the verge of collapse, the last of them was in uninhabitable conditions”, Indicated the commune in its Facebook account.

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In addition, he affirmed that support beams were placed inside the house to prevent it from falling during the construction of the retaining wall, however, its bases did not support the work.



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