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Chris Evans would be happy to return as the Human Torch in the Marvel movies

Since you have initiated the concept of the multiverse in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, where different versions of superheroes interact in the same environment; many eager fans have suggested quite a few actors and roles for them to return to the big screen. Since Hugh Jackman What Wolverines even Tobey Maguire as the Spiderman (which ended up happening).

Chris EvansInstead, he thinks it would be entertaining to return to Marvel not as Captain America, his iconic role; but like his other superheroic role of his in the cinema: the Human Torch of “The Fantastic Four”.

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Although the film was not well loved by the public, Chris Evans would find the concept of reprising the role amusing; although he assures that nobody in Marvel has spoken to him about it. “No, no one has ever come to me for that. I mean, I don’t look exactly the same anymore. That was 15 or 20 years ago, I’m already old. I really love that character, but… aren’t they doing something with the Fantastic Four right now? commented in an interview for MTV News.

Chris Evans (Photo: GettyImages)

The last thing that was said about the Fantastic Four in the MCU was that they would receive a new adaptation for the Universe, but the project is still in its early stages. Most likely, Evans believes, they will bring in new actors; but he believes that with the concept of the multiverse they could have more opportunities to tell interesting stories.

“I’d love to. In fact, it would be easier to sell it to me [a Antorcha Humana] to come back as Cap. You know what I mean? Cap is very precious to me. And I don’t want to ruin the beautiful experience that was. But Johnny Storm, I feel like he didn’t have his moment. That was before Marvel really found a place for him. So I loved that role and, you know, who knows…” The actor ends up saying.

As for returning to the role of the Captain, he doesn’t see it so clearly; ensuring that the character ended up with a very final story.


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