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Christmas 2021: where are the San Fernando pavements and at what times can the exchanges be made?

Lima, December 23, 2021Updated on 12/23/2021 01:31 pm

Given the proximity of the celebration of the ChristmasQueues of people have been reported at various points in Lima to collect or buy turkey or pork that will be used for Christmas Eve dinner.

For this, the San Fernando company chose to implement the so-called paviferias, which are open spaces so that crowds are not generated due to the pandemic of coronavirus, and before the epidemiological alert for the omicron variant that to date there are already 47 cases reported in the country.


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In that line, San fernando recommended to be able to make their exchanges in the five paviferias located in strategic points of the city:

  • Lima Fenced (Av. Venezuela block 34 s / n – San Marcos Puerta No. 1 Stadium).
  • The Olives in the Guadalupano Stadium (Av. Angélica Gamarra block 2).
  • San Juan de Lurigancho at IE Fe y Alegría N ° 5 Psje. Hipólito Unanue S / N Chacarilla de Otero (2 blocks from the Caja de Agua electric train station).
  • Chorrillos (Av. El Sol Nº 1395 La Campiña – half a block from the intersection with Av. Guardia Civil).
  • Surquillo (San Lorenzo Passage N ° 1209).

In which paviferias are turkey and pork traded?

  • Of these five exchange points, in two of them (Los Olivos and San Juan de Lurigancho), the turkey and pork swap will be attended to.
  • In the pavements of Lima Cercado, Chorrillos and Surquillo will only be exchanged for turkey. These do not sell turkeys, only exchange and the option to increase the weight of the turkey indicated on the voucher. The price of a kilo of turkey in paviferia is S / 13.00 soles.

What are the opening hours?

The San Fernando pavements will attend the December 21 to 24 and from December 29 to 30, from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., with the exception of December 24 (Christmas Eve), which will govern from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Recommendations for redemption

San Fernando recommends the following to its consumers:

  • When making a In-person exchange is only approached by the holder of the voucher (either physical or digital), in this way, crowding is avoided.
  • Bring a sturdy bag to transport your product without problems.
  • What’s more, respect biosafety protocols It is very important to access the redemption points, such as the use of a double mask or a KN95 mask, carry and show your vaccination card with the complete doses.

Scam alert with fake vouchers

Before the complaint of counterfeit turkey vouchers that are being sold through unofficial channels, San fernando announced that they are taking necessary measures before the authorities.

First, he explained that the security document has unique security features that allow for easy identification of counterfeiting at the redemption point. “Among them we have the weight and quality of paper, a special die and a security hologram and water seal”the statement read.

He added that the The exchange process is carried out through a match with its automated voucher issuance system, so, like the treatment of a false bill, if detected, it will be withheld in order to safeguard the interests of the market. and block attempted fraud.

According to the criteria of

Trust Project

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