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Christmas: son is reunited with his family after spending 22 years in the United States | VIDEO

Lima, December 24, 2021Updated on 12/24/2021 09:32 am

In recent days, several people have come to the outside of the Jorge Chávez airport, in Callao, to receive their family and friends who return to the country to celebrate the Christmas and the New Year. An emotional reunion occurred this morning this Thursday, when a Julio Ángel Ríos returned to see his mother and brothers after spending 22 years in the United States.

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“We are waiting for our brother after 22 years. His residence came out and he has just come from the United States. We are all very excited. At 7:30 am and we are waiting impatiently “Her sister told América Noticias. Julio Ríos would arrive from the city of San Francisco.

For her part, Julio’s mother was nervous while other relatives of the passenger waited for him with a banner bearing his name to give him a warm welcome. Another of her sisters reported that her relative obtained residency two years ago, but her trip home was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


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“The party begins now and it will be like a patronal party. He left when I was about 17 years old. He comes with his daughter under 15 years old “he commented.

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At 8:39 am, Julio Ríos left the international departures door and there was an emotional hug with his brothers and then with his mother. “I am happy and well. After 22 years I come to my country. A lot of emotion. Merry Christmas”Julio commented.

During the tour this morning at the air terminal, the morning found that most of the people were wearing their mask well. In addition, the social distancing required meter and a half.

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