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CNE asks that educational proposals be defined considering the best interest of students

Lima, February 21, 2022Updated on 02/21/2022 01:35 pm

The National Council of Education (CNE) warned that these days “political polarization, corruption and lack of respect for the rules” strongly affect the ability of education system to train citizens who fully exercise their rights.

Through a releasethe entity stated that They are “some decisions already taken or still under debate that weaken policy instruments that helped improve some lessons are very worrying”. For example:

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  • National Basic Education Curriculum: Frequent legislative proposals aimed at incorporating courses or content into the curriculum that are not consistent with its competency-based design or with its transversal approaches to rights, inclusion and attention to diversity, interculturality, gender equality and orientation to the common good.
  • Teacher development policies: possible appointments and hiring of teachers without criteria or evidence of skills or quality of performance and promotions in the teaching career based on years of service and not professional merit, among others.
  • Quality of higher education: changes in the composition of the Board of Directors of Sunedu and in the procedure for electing the Superintendent, as well as the restoration of Sineace without having carried out its reorganization or its substitution by an independent accreditation entity, among others.

Thus, they reiterate their call to give continuity and improve what has been advanced, to reject proposals and decisions that seem to prioritize particular interests more than the public interest and the common good.

Likewise, they ask the congressmen to define their proposals and their votes considering the best interest of the students and the country. Similarly, they ask the Senior Management of the Ministry of Education (Minedu), the decentralized bodies of the sector, as well as other government entities, that they “exercise with integrity, sensitivity, efficiency and firmness their necessary stewardship to ensure a good restart of face-to-face educational activities”.

In turn, the CNE calls on teachers, students, families, political parties, public bodies and social organizations to reject setbacks, to demand progress in educational quality, relevance, equity and inclusion and to contribute to the achievement of an education for the citizenship.

That the interests of students and the common good guide decisions in education.  Photo: CNE
That the interests of students and the common good guide decisions in education. Photo: CNE

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