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COAR 2022 results: find out HERE if you got a vacancy in the single admission process

Lima, March 4, 2022Updated on 03/04/2022 04:03 pm

The Ministry of Education (minedu) published the final results of the 2022 admission exam to enter High Performance Schools (COAR). In that note you will be able to know your average in both tests, which were given in person in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. COVID-19.

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They are about 2,605 vacancies offered by high-performance schools (COAR) in the country. At the national level, 101 educational institutions were enabled so that students could be evaluated on their cognitive abilities (mathematical reasoning, verbal reasoning and spatial fluidity, etc.) and socio-emotional skills. Visually impaired students took the test in the braille system.

What are COARs?

COARs offer high school 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students with outstanding ability a relevant educational service, with quality and equity, aimed at enhancing these skills and developing their commitment to local, regional and national development.

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All regions of Peru have a COAR and serve a total of 6,700 students from third to fifth year of high school.

Of a total of 9,498 COAR graduates from the 2010 to 2020 promotions, 75% are studying at a higher education institutionwhile 7% have completed their higher education.

Where are the results?

Next, we will teach you step by step to know if you managed to obtain a vacancy for the COARs.

  • Enter the web portal: http://www.minedu.gob.pe/coar/
  • A tab will appear automatically that at the end directs you to the option. Click the option, “Find the list of entrants HERE”. It will take you to a document in PDF format, where all those who obtained a vacancy at COAR will appear.

In the following days, the staff of the COAR The one they entered will contact the students for the allocation of vacancies and enrollment, a request that begins on March 7, 2022.

We share the document:

What other phases are missing in the COAR admission process?

  • Reception and attention to claims: March 4 and 5.
  • Assignment of vacancies: From March 7 to 31. The total number of vacancies offered by the COAR, order of merit according to the score obtained, the entrance fees. In this phase, no resources can be allocated and, if a student resigns, the vacancy is given to the next applicant with the highest score.
  • Transfer of enrollment from educational institution to COAR: From March 7 to 31. Minedu with the parents are the ones who carry out this process.
Missing phases of the Single Admission Process (PUA) for COAR 2022
Missing phases of the Single Admission Process (PUA) for COAR 2022


If you have any questions, you can contact the telephone numbers of your respective COAR of entry (http://www.minedu.gob.pe/coar/) or call (01) 989183099 or write to the mail (consultascoar@minedu.gob.pe). Attention is from Monday to Saturday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm

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